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  • Cao, Yong-Mei

    Born in 1973, is the managing director of the manufacturing department. Ms. Cao graduated from Jiangnan University (the former Wuxi University of Light Industry) with a doctoral degree in food science. She also holds a master’s degree in business administration from the W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Ms. Cao joined our Group in January 2001 and has held various positions, such as manager of the research and development, manager of the Chairman’s office and the managing director of the Chairman’s office. In March 2012, Ms. Cao was promoted to the managing director of the manufacturing department responsible for facilitating sustainable development and talent pool of the Group’s manufacturing organisation, quality assurances and the technology team. Ms. Cao is the director of our technology center, which is certified as Shanghai Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, vice president of Snack Foods Processing Technology Society of the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology and the director of the Shanghai Society of Food Science.

  • LEE Yu-Sheng

    Born in 1957, is the Investment officer of the Group. Mr. Lee holds a bachelor of laws degree from the National Chung Hsing University. He joined our Group in May 1986 and was a director of various divisions, including the administration, investment, legal, civil engineering, equipment engineering and human resources divisions. Mr. Lee was appointed as a representative member of the Food Development Association of Taiwan in 1999. He has been a member of the Taiwan Beverage Industries Association and Taiwan Confectionery, Biscuit and Flour Food Industry Association since 2006 and a member of the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan since 2010.

  • LIN Chen-Shih

    Born in 1953, is the technology officer. Mr. Lin graduated from National Chung Hsing University with a bachelor’s degree in food chemistry and engineering. Mr. Lin has more than 30 years of experience in the food and beverages industry. Mr. Lin was appointed as the manager of research and development in 1995. Since then, he has held various positions, including director of the production department and managing director of the manufacturing department. Prior to joining our Group in August 1995, he was the head of the quality control section at Taiwan Heysong Beverage Holdings Ltd. From 1979 to 1995. Mr. Lin was a director of the Shanghai Society of Food Science. Mr. Lin was awarded the Outstanding Alumni Awards by the National Chung Hsing University in 2010.

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