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The latest amount of donation by Want Want.China Holdings Limited to relieve the people in disaster

5 million yuan in cash, products valued at about 12 million yuan, 20 million HK dollars contributed by Chairman Tsai individually

 (June 10, 2008, Propaganda Department of Want Want Holdings Limited ) On June 10th 2008, Want Foundation of Want Want China Holdings Limited informed the staff the latest data of donation contributed by Want Want to Sichuan: Up to June 10th, Want Want had donated 5 million yuan in cash, products valued at 12 million yuan (calculated at retail price) to the disaster area. Chairman Tsai Eng-Meng donated 20 million HK dollars individually.

Related responsible officers of the corporation said: Since Sichuan was suffered by the earthquake, Chairman Tsai and supervisors of the corporation have shown great concern for the situation of the disaster area. All the staff members of Want Want are greatly affected by the ceaseless striving and selfless devotion of Sichuan’s citizens, the armed police of the PLA and people all over the world. All the staff members both in headquarters and local factories take active actions to relieve the people in disaster. At present, donation activities organized by the corporation are still underway.

Chairman Tsai Eng-Meng donated more 10 million HK dollars individually on May 12th after he had donated 10 million HK dollars to relieve people in the disaster to rebuild their homes. At present, the amount of donation contributed by Chairman Tsai Eng-Meng had already over 20 million HK dollars.



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