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Want Want held the “Swearing Assembly” of “Somersaulting Dragons in Flourishing Times, Rejoicing over Want” to welcome the upcoming Olympics and celebrate the successful listing.

On April 18th 2008, with the opportunity of the first-quarter marketing meeting and successful listing in Hong Kong in 2008, Want Want held the “ Swearing Assembly” of “ Somersaulting Dragons in Flourishing Times, Rejoicing over Want” to welcome the upcoming Olympics and celebrate the successful listing at Shanghai Sun-Want Hotel.

At 6pm in the midst of cheers, Chairman Tsai and supervisors of the corporation stepped into the hotel. Meanwhile, two auspicious dragons leaped onto the stage in the hilarious sound of gongs and drums. It’s a program called Auspicious Dragons Presenting Great Festivity performed by dairy department employees. With the somersaulting of the giant dragons, the Swearing Assembly kicked off.

First, Chairman Tsai addressed the assembly. He appreciated all the employees of their great contributions to Want Want on behalf of shareholders of the corporation. Chairman Tsai sincerely hopes that Want Want will carry forward the spirit of “The brave are fearless and the strong are invincible” and promote the business of Want Want in every corner of the world with joint efforts of the corporation. Then, representatives from the Operations Department, Manufacturing Department, Confectionary Division, Rice Crackers Division, Sales Channel Division, Snacks Division as well as Xinjiang General Factory, Guangzhou General Factory, Hunan General Factory, Lanzhou Branch, Jinan Branch, Nanning Branch, Haerbin Branch, Guangzhou Branch went up on the stage to swear: We swear to strive for the prosperous future of Want Want, never betraying great expectations of Chairman Tsai and shareholders of the corporation. During the assembly, Chairman Tsai and all the employees celebrated the 30th anniversary of career for Mr. Lu, who is the general manager of Snacks Division. The warmth affected everyone present. Finally the flag-awarding ceremony was held at the end of the swearing assembly. One flag on which was written blessings of Want Want staff was swinging briskly in the hands of Chairman Tsai, general managers and managing directors.

The 2008 Olympic Year is loaded with expectations of all Chinese people. The successful listing of Want Want in Hong Kong represents the new starting point and beginning of striving. Looking ahead, all the staff members are more confident about the future. Wish Want Want has a brilliant future with our sincerest blessings!



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