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Want Want donated a disaster relief fund of 600,000 yuan to Chenzhou


The disaster witnesses compatriot relationship. On February 14, a brief donation ceremony was held in the meeting room of Want Want Changsha Branch. Mao Wei, director of Want Want Changsha Branch handed a donation list of goods and materials which valued 600,000 yuan to the representative of Chenzhou Charity Federation. The room was filled with warmth that people made joint efforts to rebuild their homes. Li Xiaoling, deputy director and Zheng Zhaolin, deputy inspector of Taiwan Affairs Office of Hunan Province attended the donation ceremony.

Hunan was suffered by the severest snow and sleet since 1954. The vastness of affected areas and severity of damages are rare in history. As the worst-hit area in Hunan, Chenzhou suffered great losses. Several factories and sales branches of Want Want in Chinese mainland suffered great economic losses as well. However, Want Want Changsha Branch still donated various foods and beverages which valued 600,000 yuan to Chenzhou.

Li Xiaoling, deputy director of Hunan Taiwan Affairs Office expressed gratitude to the generosity of Want Want, adding that it reflects the brotherhood between Taiwan compatriots and people in the Hunan disaster area. She believes that with the support by the national various circles, disaster area in Hunan is sure to defeat the disaster and resume production.

At the donation ceremony, representatives of the corporation expressed that senior managers of Want Want require factories and sales branches in the disaster area to make every effort to ensure the transportation and supply of products and play an active role in supplying materials and stabilizing commodity prices. Want Want has donated disaster relief materials to Chenzhou to assist the disaster area in rebuilding their homes, which fully expresses love of Want Want staff members headed by Chairman Tsai Eng-Meng to people in the disaster area.



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