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Ruthless disaster, love in the world

(May 19th 2008, Propaganda Department of Want Want Holdings Limited) On May 12th 2008, the severe earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan province affected both supervisors and staff members of Want Want. Chairman Tsai Eng-Meng showed great concern on the situation in the disaster area. He promptly instructed the donation to the disaster area and required the local factory and branch office in to ensure the safety of staff members.

At present, Want Want had donated 5 million yuan to the disaster area through Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council as well as dispatched 50 trucks foods which also valued 5 million yuan. In addition, Chairman Tsai donated 10 million HK dollars individually to relieve the people in disaster. The staff members of the corporation organized spontaneously to make donations to the people in disaster.

Want Want believes: with the support of the government and people all over the country, people in the disaster area are sure to overcome the disaster and rebuild their homes. Want Want is willing to make joint efforts with them.



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